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Jean-Marc Fontaine



英語から翻訳-ジャンマルクフォンテーヌはフランスの数学者でした。彼はp進ホッジ理論の創設者の一人でした。彼は1988年から死去するまでパリ・シュッド11大学の教授でした。 ウィキペディア(英語)
Jean-Marc Fontaine was a French mathematician. He was one of the founders of p-adic Hodge theory. Wikipedia
生年月日: 1944年3月13日
死亡日: 2019年1月29日
Jean-Marc Fontaine (13 March 1944 – 29 January 2019) was a French mathematician. He was one of ...
(1944–2019). Pierre Berthelot, Luc Illusie, Nicholas M. Katz,. William Messing, and Peter Scholze. Jean-Marc Fontaine passed away on January 29, 2019. For.
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Jean-Marc Fontaine Professeur émérite. Mathématique, Bâtiment 307. Université Paris-Sud 91405 Orsay Cedex - France Courrier électronique : fontaine at ...
2021/06/14Jean-Marc Fontaine passed away January 29, 2019. Positions Held. 2009 Professeur (Emeritus), Université ...
Jean-Marc Fontaine. MathSciNet. Doctorat d'Etat Université Paris-Sud XI - Orsay 1972 France. Dissertation: ...
ドイツ語版 | Jean de La Fontaine、 Marc Chagall | 2016/11/14. 5つ星のうち4.5 38 ... 英語版 | Joseph Halevi、 Jean-Marc Fontaine | 1998/8/1.
2019/01/31Jean-Marc Fontaine was an Emiritus Professor at universié Paris-Sud, after having been a professor there ...
Jean-Marc Fontaine, Ph.D. Research Lab Specialist, Biological Chemistry. Lab: 4315 MSRB III 1150 W. Medical Center Drive Ann Arbor, MI. 48109-5606.
Jean-Marc Fontaine is working on p-adic Hodge theory, a useful tool in arithmetic geometry. With Laurent Fargues, he recently reinterpreted this theory in ...
Jean-Marc Fontaine (born 13 March 1944) is a French mathematician. He is one of founders of p-adic Hodge theory. He is a professor at Paris-Sud 11 University ...

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