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bucketId out of range: -1
LazyObject stores an object in a range of bytes in a byte[]. ... Output out, Object obj, ObjectInspector objInspector, byte[] separators, int level, org.apache.hadoop. io. ... Path partitionPath, int bucketId).
LocatedFileStatus (Showing top 20 results out of 981) ... bucketId + " that is out of range"; LOG.error(msg); throw new ...
getPath (Showing top 20 results out of 315) ... getBucketId() < 0) { LOG.warn(" Can't determine bucket ID for " + split.
2020年3月18日 — getBucketId() <= MAX_BUCKET_ID)) { throw new IllegalArgumentException(" bucketId out of range: " + ...
2019年7月8日 — ... gentime xxxxyyxxx is the old data having both newly added fields as NULL) it errors out as follows
2019年8月13日 — To find out what technology suits their needs, IT managers often contrast them ... For the first two operations, you should specify the row key, while scans run over a whole range of rows.
Sang-Soo Yeo, Yi Pan, Yang Sun Lee — 2012Computers
B+-Tree [21, 22] B+-Tree is requred for many times of SQL for one range query. ... is possible range search by HMAC chained BucketID. ... This paper proposes a new encryption mechanism that can carry out range search without exposing the  ...
Ernesto Damiani, Peng Liu — 2006Business & Economics
If the server aggregates data during range queries, ... after the decryption of the tuples returned by Qs, Qc filters out extraneous tuples. ... 85 33 22 81 38 employee.salary.aggregates Bucket ID SUM COUNT 41 Enc(930) Enc(15) 64 Enc(1020)
LOGERROR("ClientMetadata::getServerLocation(): BucketId out of range."); throw IllegalStateException(.
Alex X. LiuRui Li2020Computers
... preserving top-k queries [17, 18] and privacy preserving range queries [3, 19– 22]. ... The data submitted to storage nodes consist of pairs of a bucket ID and the ... using domain knowledge and historical query results, as pointed out in [23].

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