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hydhydrodynamic field seismic signature detection
由 H Staňková 著作2021 — methods can also detect pre-seismic ground deformation, as demonstrated by Nardo [9]. ... progress in this field will mainly be focussed on the continuous monitoring of known faults.
缺少字詞: hydhydrodynamicsignature
The overall shape of each seismic signature is easy to see by comparing the amplitude (height of ... Seismometers can detect ground motion caused by different types of phenomena, such as wind, ...
缺少字詞: hydhydrodynamicfield
由 AS García 著作2014被引用 7 次 — Key words: vessel signature, multi-influence, underwater measurement, environmental ... early in the past century, mainly in the defense field ... Finally, it is worth noting that detection of this signature ... magnetic, electric, pressure, and seismic.
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2017年9月30日 — Seismic sensors and data evaluation for leakage detection ... Figure 1: (a) Map of the location of the Pembina oil field and location of the monitoring well ... potential leakage signatures.
缺少字詞: hydhydrodynamic ‎| 必須包含以下字詞: hydhydrodynamic
由 A Kwietniak 著作 — The transition zone concept might be applied for shale plays identification and analysis. ... of nonuniform thickness across the study area, seismic signature will vary in relation to the thickness interval.
缺少字詞: hydhydrodynamic ‎| 必須包含以下字詞: hydhydrodynamic
由 Q Brissaud 著作 — Abstract Extreme temperature and pressure conditions on the surface of Venus present formidable ...
缺少字詞: hydhydrodynamicfield


True or False value indicating whether to add a new field to the current object for each signature that is detected in the ...
缺少字詞: hydhydrodynamicseismic
由 T Neidhart 著作2021 — All fields, Title, Author, Abstract, Comments, Journal ... This study is the first seismic bulk analysis of the largest ... Our work suggests that identification of fireball events in the seismic ...
缺少字詞: hydhydrodynamicfield


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