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由 JW Wizeman 著作被引用 15 次 — GABAergic neurons, including PCs and interneurons, are born between E10.5 ... trajectories during zebrafish embryogenesis. ... Nrn1. Barhl1. Hs3st5. H1f0. Rasl11b. Pcsk9. Clic1. Cd9.
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由 J Delile 著作被引用 101 次 — interneurons in the spinal cord, which might contribute to ... for zebrafish embryos that we adapted and optimized for ... Nrn1 (dl1 −dl2−dl3−dl5−V0 −V2a −V3 / Undetermined).
由 D Peukert 著作2011被引用 91 次 — Zebrafish embryos lacking Lhx2/Lhx9 have stalled neurogenesis ... Helt has been described as a specific marker of the prospective GABA interneurons of the rostral thalamus (rTh), ...
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2021年3月10日 — PDF | Cortical interneurons originate in the ganglionic ... Flrt2,Islr2,Mdga2,Nrn1, Nelf,Pcdh11x,Plxnc1,Ptpro, and Ptprz1, ... in Robo mutants in Drosophila, C. elegans, and zebrafish.
interneurons fating for the cortex. Deletion of Dnmt1 in this interneuron lineage caused defective migration, resulting in ...
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由 B Khalil 著作2018被引用 39 次 — Furthermore, super-resolution microscopy has revealed eukaryotic ribosomes in mature interneuron axon terminals in ... Interestingly, expression of Nrn1 in zebrafish could rescue the ...
由 DA Cameron 著作2012被引用 24 次 — ependymin related protein 1 (zebrafish) (Epdr1), mRNA. 10454786 D ... NEUROD2. 7.3. Molecules. Fold up. NRN1. 16.8. CLVS1. 11. SSTR2. 9.7 ... not of cortical interneurons. Dev Biol ...
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由 C Mallika 著作2015被引用 30 次 — ... particularly the habenula in mice and zebrafish (Chatterjee et al., 2014). ... Nrn1, Neuritin 1, −2.24, 2.23E−02 ... for sonic hedgehog in the regulation of thalamic interneuron identity.
2012年8月1日 — substrate for interneuron migration [111] (although Tag-. 1 knockout ... NEUROD2 . 7.3. Molecules. Fold up. NRN1. 16.8. CLVS1. 11. SSTR2 ... intact and regenerating zebrafish retina.

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