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There are two basic types of regression models: fixed-effects regression models and ... We can now start with the modeling by using the polr function.
jomo.polr: Joint Modelling Imputation Compatible with Proportional Odds ... For each n-category variable we have a fixed effect parameter for each of the ...
The following page discusses how to use R's polr package to perform an ordinal ... This hypothetical data set has a three level variable called apply ...
2019年12月15日 — are inspired by polr from package MASS. ... a two-sided linear formula object describing the fixed-effects part of the model,.
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由 J Fox 著作2020被引用 23 次 — S3 method for class polr. Effect(focal.predictors, mod, xlevels=list(), fixed.predictors, vcov.=vcov, se=TRUE, latent=FALSE, ...,.


2017年5月10日 — Before we can visualize a proportional odds model we need to fit it. For this we use the polr function from the MASS package. The first model we ...
由 R Hirk 著作被引用 16 次 — the threshold as well as on the regression coefficients can be specified by the user ... ordinal regression models with fixed effects the function polr() of.
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