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A self-complementary graph is a graph which is isomorphic to its complement. The simplest non-trivial ...


Hence G is a Euler graph. □. Theorem 3.2 A connected graph has an Euler trail iff it has at most two vertices ... Show that the following graphs are self- complementary (Fig. 3.11). Fig. 3.11. 3. Let G be a ...
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3 Eulerian and Hamiltonian graphs. 10 ... A graph G = (V,E) is bipartite if there are two non-empty subsets V1 and V2 such that ... A graph isomorphic to its complement is called self-complementary.
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... of self-complementary. Euler graphs is reduced to the enumeration of ordinary self-complementary ... set, and two of these are isomorphic if and only if a permutation of S,* maps one to the other.
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由 EW Weisstein 著作1999 — A self-complementary graph is a graph which is isomorphic to its graph complement. The numbers of simple ...
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Question 1: [20pts]. (a) Show that the line graph of a simple Eulerian graph is Eulerian. ... of P3 by Kn and the two other vertices by Kn. The result is a self- complementary graph. For the order 4n + 1, ...
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由 A Farrugia 著作1999被引用 46 次 — of recognising self-complementary graphs, and the problem of checking two sc- graphs for isomorphism, are ... Since every (Eulerian) sc-graph on 4k + 1 vertices has a unique maximal fixed subgraph, ...
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trail1, an Eulerian circuit, both, or neither. Give a brief ... There are two vertices of odd degree, so there is an Eulerian trail ... (8 marks) We say that G is self- complementary if G is isomorphic to. G. Prove ...
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