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'CogRecordDisplay' could not be found
I installed the VisionPro software, and most of the tools showed up in my Visual Studio toolbox but the CogRecordDisplay and CogRecordsDisplay did not.
2021年2月23日 — Could not find type"Cognex.VisionPro.CogRecordDisplay".Please make sure that the assembly that contains this type is referened.
The script should return a reject result if the distance does not fall ... GetBlobs() 'Run the caliper tool once for each target found using the blob tool.
在idea中遇到如此的问题:Could not autowire. No beans of 'XXXX' type found. less... 解决方式: =========> =====>搜索Spring core =======> ======>将serverity ...
2017年3月9日 — Cognex did not support Windows 10 until VisionPro 9.0. ... For Cognex hardware, follow the installation instructions found in the hardware ...
2016年6月1日 — Could not load file or Assembly “Emgu.CV, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=7281126722ab4438”.
缺少字詞: 'CogRecordDisplay' ‎| 必須包含以下字詞: 'CogRecordDisplay'
2020年1月19日 — 我们新建一个.net winform的工程,把CogRecordDisplay控件拖到窗体上面。 image.png. 然后敲入下面代码:. C#. using Cognex.VisionPro.
... show the number of records but does not display list of records in List v3 ... Click on the first record which should be the OOB Default view record
public bool ROI_Create(CogRecordDisplay mCogRecordDisplay) ... Msg_("Could not train classifier."); ... public bool Run(CogRecordDisplay mCogRecordDisplay).
bat located on the DVD. • You must have Administrator privileges to install VisionPro. • If your PC does not already have Microsoft Visual Studio. C++ 2005 ...

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