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11p15.5 duplication
oleh A Slavotinek1997Dirujuk 101 kali — 5 and provide evidence for a distinct pattern of dysmorphic features in those with this chromosome duplication. Interestingly, our family is the fifth unrelated ...
oleh Q Wang2017Dirujuk 7 kali — 5 telomeric end and a de novo duplication of 2.5 Mb at 11p15.5–15.4. Both the duplications are of paternal origin with gain of methylation at ...
oleh M Begemann2012Dirujuk 70 kali — (Blue: duplication; red: deletion; green: translocation; horizontal striping: paternal allele; vertical striping: maternal allele; BWS, Beckwith–Wiedemann ...
oleh S Heide2018Dirujuk 29 kali — The imprinted genes within the 11p15.5 region are clustered in two regulatory ... The 11p15 duplication involving both ...
oleh MA Vals2015Dirujuk 16 kali — 4 that involves both ICRs and is present in 3 generations causing an SRS or BWS phenotype. Case Report. The proband (fig. 1, III:3), aged 5 ...Terjemahkan halaman ini
oleh EM Algar2007Dirujuk 45 kali — Paternally Inherited Submicroscopic Duplication at 11p15.5 Implicates Insulin-like Growth Factor II in Overgrowth and Wilms' Tumorigenesis.Terjemahkan halaman ini
oleh GC Dworschak2018 — De Novo Duplication of 11p15 Associated With Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia · Background: Congenital diaphragmatic hernia (CDH) is a rare defect ...Terjemahkan halaman ini
oleh AC Smith2007Dirujuk 102 kali — Genomic imprinting refers to parent-of-origin–specific gene expression. Human chromosome band 11p15.5 houses a large ...Terjemahkan halaman ini
oleh KJ Chen2016Dirujuk 5 kali — We presented a case of prenatally detected cytogenetic abnormality that was later proven to encompass a paternal  ...Terjemahkan halaman ini
oleh A Delicado2005Dirujuk 18 kali — Beckwith-Wiedemann syndrome due to 11p15.5 paternal duplication associated with Klinefelter syndrome and a "de novo" pericentric inversion of chromosome Y.Terjemahkan halaman ini

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