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Examples of Hyponyms
  • tree and oak.
  • citrus and orange.
  • music and opera.
  • color and blue.
  • pokemon and Pikachu.
  • male and man.
  • shape and round.
  • toy and doll.
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20 examples of hyponyms
20 examples of Hyponyms ; 1. tree · oak ; 2. citrus · orange ; 3. music · opera ; 4. colour · blue ; 5. pokemon · pikachu.
100 examples of Hyponyms ; 1. tree · oak ; 2. citrus · orange ; 3. music · opera ; 4. colour · blue ; 5. pokemon · pikachu.
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Sep 9, 2019Hyponymy is not restricted to nouns. The verb to see, for example, has several hyponyms—glimpse, stare, gaze, ogle, and so on. In "Language: Its ...
In simpler terms, a hyponym is in a type-of relationship with its hypernym. For example: pigeon, crow, eagle, and seagull are all hyponyms of a bird, ...
by M Rei2014Cited by 58type-of relation; for example car, ship and train are all hyponyms of vehicle. ... being hyponyms. 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100. 0. 20.
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