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3gpp 21.916
2018年7月2日 — Reference: 21.916. Title: Release 16 Description; Summary of Rel-16 Work Items. Status: Under change control. Type: Technical report (TR).
Initial planned Release: Release 16
Title: Release 16 Description; Summary of Rel-16 Work Items
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Provides a summary of each and every 3GPP Release 16 Feature, and more generally of all Work Items for which a summary has been agreed to be provided.
... (Phase 2+) (GSM); Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS); LTE; 5G; Release description; Release 16 (3GPP TR 21.916 version 16.0.0 Release 16)
3GPP is a partnership project bringing together national Standards Development ... Summary of Rel-16 Work Items (3GPP TR 21.916 version 16.0.1 Release 16).
3GPP Release 16 is a major release in relation to the planned IMT-2020 submission for an initial full 3GPP 5G system to its completion.
2020年9月24日 — requirements and technology proposals in 3GPP specifications ... 3GPP TR 21.916 Release 16 Description; Summary of Rel-16 Work Items.
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7天前 — The following is the summary of features listed in 3GPP TR 21.916 for Release-16: Enhancement of Ultra-Reliable and Low Latency ...
Useful details about the main features will be contained in (3GPP TR 21.916, 2018) which, at the time of writing, is not publicly available.

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