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Artificial Intelligence Has Caused A 50% To 70% Decrease In Wages—Creating Income Inequality And Threatening Millions Of Jobs. ... According to a new academic research study, automation technology has been the primary driver in U.S. income inequality over the past 40 years.Jun 18, 2021
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Oct 22, 2020AI-powered organizations are being run by a small cohort of ... The catch, however, is that machines would cause technological unemployment.
AI has frequently been blamed for both rising inequality or stagnant wage growth, both in the United States and beyond. Given the history of skill-biased ...
The increase in capital income due to the productivity of AI technology should then lead to an increase in inequality in the future. Furthermore AI technology ...
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Also, inequality can greatly increase as essentially what's happening with artificial intelligence is that capital is displacing labor and of course capital ...
Jan 12, 2021AI systems are trained using data that inevitably reflect the past. If a training data set contains inherent biases from past human decisions, ...
Dec 2, 2020New technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics ... increase income inequality, at least during the transition and ...
Jul 13, 2017Most economists agree that advances in robotics and AI over the next few decades are likely to lead to significant job losses.
by T Gries2018Cited by 24the predictions of AI causing massive job losses and faster growth in ... that technology can possibly be a cause of unemployment and inequality.
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