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higher teaching, meta-teaching
Translations of abhidhamma
Englishhigher teaching, meta-teaching, about dharmas [phenomena]
Bengaliঅভিধর্ম্ম ôbhidhôrmmô
10 more rows
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Abhidharma in English
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Religious text



Abhidharma or Abhidhamma are ancient Buddhist texts which contain detailed scholastic presentations of doctrinal material appearing in the Buddhist sutras. It also refers to the scholastic method itself as well as the field of knowledge that this method is said to study. Wikipedia
by N Ronkin2010Cited by 36First, taking abhi in the sense of “with regard to,” abhidharma is understood as a discipline whose subject matter is the Dharma, the Buddha's ...
by NM TheraCited by 38Abhidhamma is the Higher Teaching of the Buddha, some- times referred to as the ultimate teaching ... It is very difficult to suggest an appropriate English.
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Mar 15, 2021The word is composed of the two parts, "abhi" meaning "higher" or "greater" and "dhamma" which means "reality" or "truth" (it can be loosely ...
Abhidhamma Pitaka, (Pali: “Basket of Special Doctrine” or “Further Doctrine”) , Sanskrit Abhidharma Pitaka, the third—and historically the latest—of the ...
Translation of "Abhidharma" in English · Abhidharma signifie simplement « thèmes particuliers de la connaissance ». · On pourrait traduire le mot Abhidharma par: ...
Aug 16, 2000tailed introductions to Theravada Buddhism in English. BHIKKHU BODHI is a Buddhist monk of American nationality, born in New.
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(Skt.; Pāli, Abhidhamma). Term meaning 'higher doctrine' and denoting the scholastic analysis of religious teachings. The earliest Abhidharma material was ...

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