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BlueStacks Scripts
2021/08/10 — BlueStacks 5 - スクリプトについて はじめに BlueStacks 5.2以降のバージョンでは、プレイ中に実行される様々なアクション操作のスクリプトを作成 ...
BlueStacks Script is a powerful automation tool that runs a set of commands to automate the boring tasks in your favorite android games.
スクリプトを作成することで、一連のアクション(キーストローク、マウスのクリックなど)をキーひとつで行えるようになります。スクリプトゲームガイドを参照すれば ...
2020/02/16 — Advanced Scripting. r/BlueStacks - Advanced Scripting. I was wondering if it is possible to make a script takes the current mouse position ...
MANUAL SCRIPTING EDITING IN BLUESTACKS 5. Some of the manual script editing does not work after binding it with a key.
GitHub - charc0al/swgoh-automation: AutoHotKey scripts for automating the ... This will set up the keyboard controls for BlueStacks so the script can hit ...
Automate moves with Script on BlueStacks Send Text, End Of The Line, Fps Games ... Fps Games. Multi Touch. Script. Hacks. Script Typeface. Scripts.
2019/10/23 — Here's how you "script" series of actions into one simple command in BlueStacks https://youtu.be/PEPzPv_EZWY.

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