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Cef.GetGlobalCookieManager() SetCookie
2017年1月16日3 个回答
Here is the code I have used below code to add cookie. var mngr = Cef.GetGlobalCookieManager(); Cookie Ac = new Cookie(); Ac.Name = "<Cookie ...
2019年10月9日 — Initialize(settings); Cef.GetGlobalCookieManager().SetStoragePath(this.pipeName, true);. What is the expected way of setting this path now?

Using this method is equivalent to calling Cef.GetGlobalRequestContext().GetDefaultCookieManager() The earlier possible place to access the ICookieManager ...
2020年1月15日 — Domain = c.Domain,. Name = c.Name,. Value = c.Value,. Expires = c.Expires. }; CefSharp.Cef.GetGlobalCookieManager().SetCookie(url, cookie);. }.
2021年3月19日 — AddDays(30), Name = "pdd_user_id", Value = pddToken.pdd_user_id }; Cef.GetGlobalCookieManager().SetCookie(pddurl, pdd_user_id); Cef.
2020年3月24日 — void SetCookies(string url, CookieCollection cookies) { Cef.GetGlobalCookieManager().SetStoragePath(Environment.CurrentDirectory, true);
2015年10月22日 — help please. i cannot write cookie value. already GetGlobalCookieManager.SetCookieAsync used. it is not worink. Cef.GetGlobalCookieManager() .
GetGlobalCookieManager () can only be used here or there will be memory access problems! Cef.GetGlobalCookieManager().SetCookie(url, cookie); return true; } ...
var cookieManager = Cef.GetGlobalCookieManager(); cookieManager.SetStoragePath(GetAppDir("Cache"), false); /*true is to save the cookie*/ cookieManager.

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