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Filters. Capable of being configured; customisable; permitting rearrangement or adjustment. adjective.
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EnglishEdit. EtymologyEdit · configure +‎ -able. PronunciationEdit · IPA: /kənˈfɪ.ɡyɚ.ʌbl/. AdjectiveEdit. configurable (comparative more configurable, ...Terjemahkan halaman ini
Capable of being configured; customisable; permitting rearrangement or adjustment. How to pronounce configurable? Alex.Terjemahkan halaman ini
v.t. -ured, -ur•ing. 1. to put together or arrange the parts of in a specific way or for a specific purpose; form into a configuration.Terjemahkan halaman ini
Configure definition, to design or adapt to form a specific configuration or for some specific purpose: The planes are being configured to hold more ...Terjemahkan halaman ini
adjective · 'It's not required and is highly configurable meaning that you can use this extra functionality in a few different ways, from the least strict to the ...Terjemahkan halaman ini
1 What Is Process Configuration? Provision of configurable products and services is most effective if configuration is extended from the features of products ...Terjemahkan halaman ini
9 Feb 2021 — A configurable product looks like a single product with drop-down lists of options for each variation. Each option is actually a separate ...Terjemahkan halaman ini
Configurable provides a config method to store and retrieve configuration options as ... class User include ActiveSupport::Configurable end user = User.new ...Terjemahkan halaman ini
A configurable parameter is a parameter with a value that you configure in the integration process component in the Integration Directory.Terjemahkan halaman ini

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