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Dentine slices
When IL-1 or RANKL was added to the purified osteoclast cultures, resorption pits were formed on dentine slices within 24 hours (Jimi et al., 1999b).
Scientific Description. Dentine discs permit the in vitro quantification of bone resorption using the ...
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dentine slices. Primary human osteoclast precursors were seeded at 10,000 cells/well in the presence of either M-CSF alone (control/undifferentiated) or ...
by F Pascaretti-Grizon2011Cited by 15 — The resorption pit assay is classically used to evaluate osteoclast activity on bone or dentine slices that can be eroded by these cells.
by HJ Sismey-Durrant1987Cited by 33 — The effect of lipopolysaccharide from the oral bacterium Bacteroides gingivalis on osteoclastic resorption of sperm-whale dentine slices in vitro · Authors.
Bovine cortical bone slices have for many years been bone scientists' 1st choice to ... The bone slices are superior to synthetic ...
A comparison was performed with the Corning Osteo Assay Surface multiple plates and dentine discs using cultures of primary human osteoclast precursors cultured ...
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by Y FUJIKAWA1996Cited by 61 — demonstrate that TRAP-positive multinuclear cells isolated from the rheumatoid synovium form resorption pits on dentine slices.
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