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1 : to separate into two or more parts or pieces She divided the pie into eight pieces. 2 : to give out in shares I divided the money between us. 3 : to be or make different in opinion or interest The country was divided over the issue. 4 : to subject to or perform mathematical division Divide 10 by 2.
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除法 (Division)


數學中,尤其是在基本計算裏,除法可以看成是「乘法的反運算」,也可以理解為「重複的減法」。除法運算的本質就是「把參與運算的除數變為1,得出同比的被除數的值」。 例如:{\displaystyle {{6}\div {3}}=2},就好像{\displaystyle {{{6}-{3}}-{3}}=0}, 维基百科


divide verb [I/T] (SEPARATE) ... to separate into parts or groups, or to cause something to separate in such a way: [ T ] Divide the cake into six equal parts. [ ...
divide的例句. divide. Considering their effect on proteins, fixatives in general can be divided into two types: "coagulant" or " ...
To separate or become separated into parts, sections, groups, or branches. To sector into units of measurement; graduate. To separate and group ...
Divide may refer to: Contents. 1 Mathematics; 2 Geography; 3 Places; 4 Music; 5 See also. Mathematics[edit]. Division (mathematics) · Divides, redirects to ...
divide · 1. To make a division into parts, sections, or branches: break up, dissever, part, partition, section, segment, separate. · 2. To separate into branches ...
divide (third-person singular simple present divides, present participle dividing, simple past and past participle divided).
divide meaning, definition, what is divide: if something divides, or if you divide i...: Learn more.
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