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Dollar a Second
Dollar a Second
1953 年 ‧ 遊戲節目



Dollar a Second is an American comedy game show hosted by Jan Murray which originally aired from September 20, 1953, to June 14, 1954, on the DuMont Television Network.
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开播时间: 1953 年 9 月 20 日
剧终时间: 1957 年 9 月 28 日
语言: 英語
类别: 遊戲節目
音频格式: 單聲道
更多有关“Dollar a Second”的信息
Dollar a Second ... A prime-time game show, where contestants earned one dollar for each second that the host's questions were answered correctly. Incorrect ...
Milton Delugg on working on Beat the Clock and Dollar a Second ... Benson: "The President's Double" · Bernie Mac Show, The · Berrenger's · Bert Parks Show, ...
Dollar A Second was the wild and crazy quiz/stunt show where contestants won money for every second they stay on the show.
For each second the clock ticked before the player had completed the stunt, one dollar was deducted from the established prize amount, with the final cash ...
Imagine you sit at a table counting dollars bills. One per second. You get to keep what you count. (It's a fun fantasy). If you stopped after a ...
What are first and second dollars? Exporters, like any business, have different sources of finance at different costs. The cheapest source of finance can be ...
Find Lost Quiz Shows Of The 50s (Treasure Hunt / Juvenile Jury / Dollar A Second / It Could Be YOU!) at Amazon.com Movies & TV, home of thousands of titles ...

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