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by W Zhang2016Cited by 7Mitotic kinesin Eg5 is an attractive anti-cancer drug target. ... However, acquired drug resistance has been reported for such inhibitors.
by Y Wang2017Cited by 14Eg5 is a kinesin spindle protein that controls chromosomal ... YL001 has significant potential for therapy of drug-resistant tumors.

by HT Ma2014Cited by 32KIF15-dependent KIF11 drug-resistance can be overcome by Aurora A inhibition. Abstract. The mitotic kinesin KIF11 (also called Eg5) plays critical roles in ...
by HYK Kaan2010Cited by 132Human kinesin Eg5, which plays an essential role in mitosis by establishing ... common resistance associated with tubulin-targeting drugs.
by Z Maliga2006Cited by 98The co-crystal structure of Eg5 bound to monastrol reveals the drug binding site in atomic detail. Monastrol binds in a hydrophobic, ...
by L Sun2015Cited by 27Development of resistance to gemcitabine is a major concern in bladder cancer therapy, and the mechanism remains unclear. Eg5 has been ...
by TH Ogunwa2019Cited by 5This characteristic approves Eg5 as a potentially effective, safe, and selective target in cancer treatment. To date, a number of antimitotic drugs targeting ...
by S DeBonis2004Cited by 252of potentially more effective and less toxic anticancer drugs. ... has been proposed to oppose the force developed by Eg5 ... from Sigma Chemical Co.
by JA Raaijmakers2012Cited by 101To confirm that EICs acquired resistance to STLC by bypassing Eg5 function, rather than via mutations in Eg5 or upregulation of multi-drug resistance genes, ...
by SM Myers2016Cited by 83tive and resistant cell lines, suggesting that an Eg5 ... lines available on the relevant pharmaceutical company.

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