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Empirical distribution


The empirical distribution, or empirical distribution function, can be used to describe a sample of observations of a given variable. Its value at a given point is equal to the proportion of observations from the sample that are less than or equal to that point.
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经验分布函数 (Empirical distribution function)


经验分布函数是统计学中一个与样本经验测度有关的分布函数。该累积分布函数是在所有n个数据点上都跳跃1/n的阶跃函数。对被测变量的某个值而言,该值的分布函数值表示所有观测样本中小于或等于该值的样本所占的比例。 经验分布函数是对用于生成样本的累积分布函数的估计。 维基百科


经验分布函数(英語:empirical distribution function)是统计学中一个与样本经验测度有关的分布函数。该累积分布函数是在所有n个数据点上都跳跃 1/n的阶跃函数。
The empirical distribution function is an estimate of the cumulative distribution function that generated the points in the sample. It converges with ...
2017年3月11日 — An empirical cumulative distribution function (also called the empirical distribution function, ECDF, or just EDF) and a cumulative ...
2019年11月29日 — An empirical distribution function provides a way to model and sample cumulative probabilities for a data sample ...
Empirical distribution(来源:machinelearningmastery.com)
In data science, the word “empirical” means “observed”. Empirical distributions are distributions of observed data, such as ...
Empirical distribution(来源:inferentialthinking.com)
Empirical Distributions. An empirical distribution is one for which each possible event is assigned a probability derived from experimental observation.
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5.10.12 Empirical distribution function as estimator for cumulative distribution function ... In Chapter 3, we saw that probabilistically, the cdf defined as F ( ...
EmpiricalDistribution[{x1, x2, ...}] represents an empirical distribution based on the data values xi. EmpiricalDistribution[{{x1, y1, ...}, {x2, y2, .

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