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Following his successful car-jumping stunt, Vince's devil-may-care attitude causes problems for Ari, who is negotiating with the NFL.
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Entourage: Season 7, Episode 2
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Ari must face a public relations crisis over Vince's movie while meeting with top NFL executives; Eric agrees to help Drama find the perfect script; Turtle accuses Alex of maxing out his corporate credit card.
Show: Entourage
Air date: July 11, 2010
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Bottoms Up: Directed by Daniel Attias. With Kevin Connolly, Adrian Grenier, Kevin Dillon, Jerry Ferrara. Ari tries to make deals with several high-profile ...
Following his near-death experience, Vince adopts a new attitude and a new look which causes a PR crisis for his career while Turtle deals with a credit ...
S7 Ep 2: Buzzed ... Vince takes on a look to match his new outlook; Ari makes a bold NFL pitch; Turtle regrets an accusation; Eric agrees to help Drama find a ...
Jul 11, 2010Entourage: "Buzzed" ... of crisis imaginable on the show's inexplicably long run, this episode of Entourage revolved around a hair crisis.
Entourage - Buzzed · Provider · Rating · Release date · Running time · Audio · Subtitle · Show · Season.
Jul 12, 2010Entourage: "Buzzed" Review. The same old tricks make for a buzz kill. Dan Phillips By Dan ...
Review by Dan Phillips

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