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Error Table xh_live_temp.bogo_user doesn't exist on query. Default database
2014年1月24日4 个帖子4 位作者
Anyone can help to fix my error ? when i click Customer section, all the customer info cannot be shown, the error message as below Bad SQL ...
缺少字词: xh_live_temp.bogo_user
By default, the table is created in the default database. ... If a table with the same name exists, error 1050 results. Use IF NOT EXISTS to suppress this ...
缺少字词: xh_live_temp.bogo_user
2021年7月12日 — Yank] - Error in SQL query!!! java.sql.SQLException: Invalid default value for 'value' Query is : CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS item0140 (time ...
缺少字词: xh_live_temp.bogo_user
2020年8月27日 — Last_Errno: 1008 Last_Error: Error 'Can't drop database 'test1'; database doesn't exist' on query. Default database: 'test1'.
缺少字词: Tablexh_live_temp.bogo_user
Form data(Request) which goes into asset table I changed connection from default mysql to mysql1 and also change save() method in Model.php
缺少字词: xh_live_temp.bogo_user
2020年1月27日 — But, if tables with various collations exist in the database, there can be errors while creating a join between them. To apply new collation ...
缺少字词: xh_live_temp.bogo_user
Creates a new table populated with the data returned by a query: ... Specifies whether a default value is automatically inserted in the column if a value is ...
缺少字词: xh_live_temp.bogo_user


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