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猫 (Cat)



猫,通常指家猫,为小型猫科动物。根据遗传学及考古学分析,人类养猫的纪录可追溯至10,000年前的新月沃土地区,古埃及人饲养猫的纪录可追溯至3,600年前,目的可能为捕鼠及其他啮齿目动物,以防止它们吃掉谷物,也可能基于爱的出发点,养猫与人相伴。 维基百科
寿命: 2 – 16 年 (野生)
妊娠期: 58 – 67 天
界: 动物界 Animalia
种: 猫 F. catus
门: 脊索动物门 Chordata


2018年10月5日 — The earliest true record of domestication comes from a cat that was found deliberately buried with its owner in a grave in Cyprus, some 9500 ...
2017年6月19日 — Overall, cats became a domesticated companion of humans without changing much, says evolutionary geneticist and article coauthor Eva-Maria ...
Domestication — The earliest known evidence for the occurrence of the domestic cat in ...
Species: F. catus
Genus: Felis
The domestic cat originated from Near-Eastern and Egyptian populations of the African wildcat, Felis sylvestris lybica. The family Felidae, to which all ...
2007年6月30日 — All domestic cats, the authors declared, descended from a Middle Eastern wildcat, Felis sylvestris, which literally means "cat of the woods." ...
作者:Y Hu2014被引用次数:139 — The domestication of cats resulted in widespread adoption of cats as pets, a role for cats as rodent and small animal predators in human ...
作者:M Krajcarz2020被引用次数:6 — Cat remains from Poland dated to 4,200 to 2,300 y BCE are currently the earliest evidence for the migration of the Near Eastern cat (NE cat), ...
Origins of the Domestic Cat ... Cats began their unique relationship with humans 10,000 to 12,000 years ago in the Fertile Crescent, the geographic region where ...
2019年11月19日 — By studying ancient cat DNA from all over the world, the researchers found that cat domestication began in the Fertile Crescent (in the ...

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