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In sub 22-nm node technology, the fin shape of a FinFET is not perfectly rectangular but somewhat tapered [3]. The tapered FinFET has a fin top width shorter than its fin bottom width. The angle between the side and the bottom of fin is similar to a trapezoid shape because of etching technique limitations.
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Jul 7, 2017We show that a triangular fin reduces leakage current by 70% over a rectangular fin ...
Multithreshold t: echnique for
by A JyothiCited by 1ABSTRACT. FinFET has been a proven modification of the classical structure of MOSFETs to overcome short channel effect. But.
by BD Gaynor2014Cited by 95We show for the first time that fin shape significantly impacts transistor leakage in bulk tri-gate nFinFETs with thin fins when the fin body ...
Page(s): 2738 - 2744
DOI: 10.1109/TED.2014.2331190
by BD GaynorCited by 95We show that a triangular fin reduces leakage current by 70% over a rectangular fin with the same base fin width. We describe how fin shape can be used to ...
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Apr 29, 2020Overview: Design technique for creating multi-threshold FinFET transistors via fin shape control. Technology: A process for modifying the ...
This article is about fin-shaped field-effect transistor. For Ferroelectric memory with a ferroelectric FET gate, see FeFET. A fin ...
In this paper, we investigate the impact of fin-shape, dimension, and geometry of tapered FinFET with 5-nm node. (N5) technology using TCAD simulation.
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by K Biswas2018Cited by 24In this paper, the impact of various fin cross-sectional shape on junctionless accumulation mode bulk FinFETs with thin fins and short channel ...

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