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Galois Representations cours
Cours 4: "Galois Representations Associated do Elliptic Curves and Modular Forms", Bas Edixhoven (Leiden University, Pays Bas) and Marusia Rebolledo ...
作者:R Taylor被引用次数:144 — deep conjectures connecting Galois representations to algebraic geometry, complex ... (Of course even without the assumptions that w(R) ∈ Z and that mR.
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作者:A Mézard — Ariane Mézard∗. Ramla Abdellatif†. Advanced Lecture Course. Lecture 3: Modulo p Galois representations and beyond. 2010 Program for Women and Mathematics.
作者:G Böckle被引用次数:2 — 2 π. √. 1 − t2dt. In one lecture of the course notes [Ha07], by Michael Harris, on the proof of the. Sato-Tate conjecture by Clozel ...
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作者:G Wiese被引用次数:9 — amples (e.g. cyclotomic character, Galois representations attached to elliptic curves, ... We will not prove this theorem in this course.

作者:A Kret被引用次数:2 — The global Langlands conjecture relates Galois representations with automorphic ... [15] F. Diamond & J. Shurman – A first course in modular forms, ...
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作者:JM Fontaine被引用次数:93 — 1.2.1 l-adic Galois representations of finite fields. ... Illusie's course note) where the Ei's are finite separable extensions of E. Set.
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The Galois representations we see will be unramified at all but finitely ... for all a ∈ Fp. Of course, ρ(σp) is nonsense, since σp is not an element of GQ ...
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Le but de ces cours est d'expliquer les idées fondamentales de la construction géométrique des représentations de Galois associées aux formes modulaires ...
Galois Representations. 2018-2019. Galois Representations Abstract [PDF 84KB] · Galois Representations Lecture 1 [PDF 125KB].

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