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Henry Lai Wan-man
黎允文 (Henry Lai)




黎允文,香港音乐家、电影配乐家,为八十年代已解散乐队“小岛乐队”及九十年代乐队“天织堂”的成员之一。经常合作的导演有林超贤、张婉婷、罗启锐、李仁港等。 维基百科
出生信息: 1961 年(60 岁)
黎允文(1961年-;英語:Henry Lai Wan-man),香港音樂家、電影配樂家,為八十年代已解散樂隊「小島樂隊」及九十年代樂隊「天織堂」的成員之一。
Henry Lai Wan-man (Chinese: 黎允文) is a Chinese film composer based in Hong Kong who created the original score for more than 50 films.
Henry Lai Wan-man (Chinese: 黎允文) is a Chinese film composer based in Hong Kong who created the original score for more than 50 films.
Henry Lai Wan-man. Chinese film composer. In more languages. Spanish. Henry Lai Wan-man. No description defined. Traditional Chinese. No label defined.
Filmography (1994-2019). Actor (1 film). Ah Fai, the Dumb (1997). Original Music (21 films). The Kung Fu Scholar (1994).
Henry Lai Wan-man(来源:www.hkmdb.com)
Henry Lai Wan Man. Filmography, Gallery, DVD Review. Other names : 黎允文. Henry Lai Lai Wan Man. Workplace : Hong Kong. ...
Henry Lai Wan-man(来源:www.hkcinemagic.com)
2015年11月27日 — In the twenty year since his film music debut in 1994, Henry Lai Wan Man has secured a firm spot on the short A ...
Henry Lai Wan-man(来源:asianfilmstrike.com)
Henry Lai Wan-man (Chinees: 黎允文) is 'n Chinese filmkomponis wat in Hongkong gebaseer is en die oorspronklike telling vir meer as 50 films geskep het.
黎允文Henry Lai Wan-man(配乐师).. 35次播放 5年前. 点赞 举报/反馈. 服务升级 原网页. 腾讯视频官方. 打开腾讯视频.
Kjent fra Dragon Blade, og Unbeatable. Vi guider deg til gratis bra filmer og serier med Henry Lai Wan-Man.

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