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等分散性 (Homoscedasticity)


In regression analysis , homoscedasticity means a situation in which the variance of the dependent variable is the same for all the data. Homoscedasticity is facilitates analysis because most methods are based on the assumption of equal variance.
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In statistics, a sequence (or a vector) of random variables is homoscedastic/ˌhoʊmoʊskəˈdæstɪk/ if all its random ...
Homoscedasticity describes a situation in which the error term (that is, the “noise” or random disturbance in the ...
2021年4月25日 — Simply put, homoscedasticity means “having the same scatter.” For it to exist in a set of data, ...
Homoscedasticity, or homogeneity of variances, is an assumption of equal or similar variances in different groups ...
Homoscedasticity definition is - the property of having equal statistical variances.
2011年11月7日 — So, homoscedasticity literally means“ having the same scatter.” In terms of your data, that simply ...
Homoskedastic (also spelled "homoscedastic") refers to a condition in which the variance of the residual, ...

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