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ping 則是用ICMP的"Echo request"(類別代碼:8)和"Echo reply"(類別代碼:0 )訊息來實現的。 ICMP封包結構[編輯].
The related ping utility is implemented using the ICMP echo request and echo reply messages. ICMP uses the basic ...




ping是一種電腦網路工具,用來測試封包能否透過IP協定到達特定主機。ping的運作原理是向目標主機傳出一個ICMP的請求回顯封包,並等待接收回顯回應封包。程式會按時間和成功回應的次數估算遺失封包率和封包往返時間。 在1983年12月,Mike Muuss編寫了首個這樣的程式,用於在IP網路出現問題時方便探查其根源。 維基百科
平台: 跨平臺
The ping command sends an ICMP echo request to a device on the network, and the device immediately responds with ...
2015年8月17日 — ping的運作原理是向目的端設備發送一個ICMP echo@要求封包,並且等待目的端回傳封包。1983年的 ...
When there are 2 hosts which have communication problems, a few simple ICMP Echo requests will show if the 2 hosts ...
Type 42 — Extended Echo Request — No registrations at this time. Type 42 — Extended Echo Request.
The ICMP echo-request and echo-reply messages are commonly used for the purpose of performing a ping.
ICMP provides two query messages that work together to provide just this service . The ICMP Echo Request query ...
Ping. Ping (named after sonar used to “ping” submarines) sends an ICMP Echo Request to a node and listens for an ICMP ...
ABOUT PING. The Ping tool will perform a standard round trip ICMP echo request (ping) to any host you want to check.

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