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Download Citation | Optical design of the IR/ladar dual-mode seeker | In order to realize the autonomous precision guidance of air defense missile, ...
Request PDF | Common aperture IR/Ladar dual-mode imaging seeker system | According to the characteristics of the terminal guidance phase of cruising missile ...

作者:DU Sakarya2019被引用次数:1 — Two or more different modes in seeker increase immunity to different ... of dual-mode seeker for long-wave infrared and mid-wave infrared ...
The spreader is configured to spatially homogenize the laser energy to increase the size of the spot of focused laser energy at the SAL detector to set the ...
... the array from a passive IR mode to an active LADAR mode, with the monolithic dual mode focal plane array having applications in missile target seekers ...
作者:Y Xiaochen2015被引用次数:7 — Optical design of common aperture IR/ladar dual-mode imaging seeker. Yin Xiaochen 1,; Fu Yanhui 2. 1. 63996 Troops of People's Liberation Army,Beijing ...
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作者:SA Gearhart1997被引用次数:1 — Laser Radar Program, and the Rolling Airframe Missile. Program. It was not until about 1980, ... related activities that now include dual-mode IR and.
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United States. Army. Ordnance Corps1962
The combined infrared - radar seeker is often referred to as a dual - mode seeker . While a dual - mode seeker possesses certain advantages , its overall ...
1968Guided missiles
7-7.1 GENERAL While methods for designing the various radar seekers ... The combined infrared - radar seeker is often referred to as a dual - mode seeker .

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