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Illegal payload, No valid payload HMS
Table 3-2 Payload description ... Note: Open API of rich media is currently not supported. param. JSON Object ... System-level failure (invalid session).
Generally, the value of regId does not change and does not need to be ... Message structure, which must contain the valid message payload and target user.

Huawei Push Kit sample code for Android client. HUAWEI Push Kit is a messaging service provided by Huawei for developers. It establishes a messaging channel ...
缺少字词: Illegalvalid
Remote notifications convey important information to the user in the form of a JSON payload. The payload specifies the types of user interactions (alert, ...
缺少字词: IllegalvalidHMS
The request contained an invalid :path value. ... The device token is no longer active for the topic. 413. The notification payload was too large.
The Expo platform does not lock you into using Expo's application services ... FCM has their full list of supported fields in the notification payload here, ...
缺少字词: IllegalvalidHMS
Note 1: If no valid user accounts have been defined, or if the mailbox command ... The application returns 6 bytes of payload data (12h, 34h, 56h, 78h,.
considered illegal and invalid. Use of the user defined bit assignments to accommodate different organizations should be defined in the network.
HDFS-7833: DataNode reconfiguration does not recalculate valid volumes ... ATLAS-957: Atlas is not capturing topologies that have $ in the data payload.

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