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  1. Click “Manage Jenkins
  2. Click “Configure System”
  3. Go toPublish over SSH” section.
  4. Enter “/Users/Shared/Jenkins/.ssh/id_rsa” to “Path to Key”
  5. Click “Add” at “SSH Servers”
  6. Enter any logical name to “Name”
  7. Enter IP Address or Hostname of the server to “Hostname”
  8. Enter the user name to login to “Username”
https://nozaki.me › kyle › entry › ar...
2020年11月2日 — From the Jenkins home page, click "Manage Jenkins" and then click on " Configure System" and find the ...
sshPublisher : Send build artifacts over SSH · alwaysPublishFromMaster ( optional). Select to publish from the Jenkins ...
Configure a job to Publish Over SSH ... Open a jobs main page and then click " Configure" from the left hand menu. Find the ...
2018年12月20日 — 安裝. 官網介紹:https://wiki.jenkins.io/display/JENKINS/Publish+Over+SSH+ Plugin. 安裝外掛.
It's possible to use Publish Over SSH Plugin. Lets set up ssh connection details in the settings interface of Jenkins.
2016年4月5日 — 打开Jenkins的“系统管理>管理插件”,选择“可选插件”,在输入框中输入“Publish over SSH”进行搜索, ...
2020年1月14日 — 打开Jenkins的“系统管理>管理插件”,选择“可选插件”,在输入框中输入“Publish over SSH”进行搜索,
2018年11月30日 — Learn how to use a Jenkins pipeline to build and publish over SSH, the benefits of this method, and ...

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