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Kevin Renteria Full House
凯文·伦特里亚 (Kevin Renteria)



出生信息: 1991 年 6 月 29 日(30 岁),美国加利福尼亚洛杉矶
国籍: 美国
兄弟姐妹: 丹尼尔·伦特里亚
参演电视剧: 欢乐满屋
At first the boys were played by Daniel and Kevin Renteria, but were replaced by another set of acting twins; Blake and Dylan ...
Kevin Renteria Full House(来源:www.gold1043.com.au)
It's 2018. Do you know what the cast of Full House is up to? ... Fuller House (2016-2017) [amazon] | [imdb] ... Kevin Renteria (12 episodes, 1991-1992 ).
2021年9月4日 — Kevin Renteria: Alex Katsopolis. It looks like we don't have any photos or quotes yet. Be the first to contribute!
Kevin Renteria Full House(来源:m.imdb.com)
Alexander "Alex" Katsopolis (born November 1, 1991) is a fictional ...
First appearance: Happy Birthday Babies (Part 2)Our Very First Show, Again
Pet(s): Comet
2017年6月1日 — Aunt Becky has been quite busy since Full House went off air, starring in 90210, ... Daniel And Kevin Renteria As Nicky And Alex Katsopolis ...
Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen (Michelle) hold babies Daniel & Kevin Renteria ... Full House - John Stamos, Ashley Olsen and Mary ...
Kevin Renteria Full House(来源:www.pinterest.com)
Happy Birthday to Daniel and Kevin Renteria. ‪Nicky and Alex Katsopolis 1.0‬ ‪Full House 1991-1992‬ ‪#fullhouse #danielrenteria ...
Kevin Renteria Full House(来源:m.facebook.com)
1992押し写真ジョン・ステイモスwith Daniel and Kevin Renteria in " Full House "がキッチン用品ストアでいつでもお買い ...
Kevin Renteria Full House(来源:www.amazon.co.jp)
^ The character's surname was changed from "Cochran" to "Katsopolis" after the first season ended. ^ Daniel & Kevin Renteria portrayed the characters in Season ...
Original network: ABC
Original release: September 22, 1987 –; May 23, 1995
No. of seasons: 8
No. of episodes: 192 (list of episodes)
John Stamos Daniel/Kevin Renteria "Full House" Photo is in good condition. Please see Image. Nothing on back of photo. Photo ...
Kevin Renteria Full House(来源:www.ebay.com)

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