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Free Symbols & Footprints for Altium, Eagle, Kicad, PADS & Other 20+ Design Tools. Download Verified Symbols & Footprints From the Worlds Largest Free PCB library. 15 Million+ Components. Download Proteus PCB's。Design Faster. Save Time.




KiCad 是一款用於印刷電路板設計的自由軟體,最初由法國人Jean-Pierre Charras於1992年推出,現由KiCad開發者團隊維護。KiCad目前支援英語、法語、德語、義大利語、中文、日語等23個語言版本。 维基百科
初始版本: 1992年,​29年前
授權條款: GNU GPL v3+
穩定版本: 5.1.8(2020年11月5日,​8個月前 )
编程语言: C++


KiCad includes a 3D viewer which you can use to inspect your design in an interactive canvas. You can rotate and pan around to inspect details that are ...


KiCad is a free software suite for electronic design automation (EDA). It facilitates the design of schematics for electronic circuits and their conversion ...
Stable release: 5.1.10 / 3 May 2021; 2 months ago
Initial release: 1992; 29 years ago
License: GNU GPL v3+
Developer(s): KiCad developers
KiCad 是一款用于印刷电路板设计的自由软件,最初由法国人Jean-Pierre Charras于1992年推出,现由KiCad开发者团队维护。KiCad目前支持英语、法语、德语、意大利语、 ...
Introducing Digi-Key's KiCad Symbol and Footprint Library and the KiCad EDA Tool. KiCad is an open source Electronic Design Automation (EDA) tool option that ...
Official KiCad schematic symbol libraries for Kicad 5. CMake 611 802 · kicad-footprints Archived. Official KiCad Footprint Libraries for Kicad version 5.
KiCad 5, Eesceha, the back-import button. This button facilitated the importation of changes from Pcbnew into Eeschema via the Symbol Footprint Link file (or " ...

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