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Large scale analysis pdf
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… : detection of (co-) orthologs in large-scale analysis
Lechner • 被引用次数:842
Large-scale analysis of the yeast proteome by …
Washburn • 被引用次数:5682
Status of large-scale analysis of post-translational …
Olsen • 被引用次数:509
PDF | Large scale data analysis is increasingly important in both the academics and enterprise. Statistical languages provide rich functionality and.
PDF | Over the past decades, medical image analytics was greatly facilitated by ... Keywords: Medical image analysis, information retrieval, large scale,.

作者:H Cao2021被引用次数:17... we present what we believe is the most comprehensive study of remote meeting multitasking behavior through an analysis of a large-scale ...
DOI: 10.1145/3411764.3445243
作者:D Pride2018被引用次数:13... review and citation data in predicting university rankings, a large-scale analysis. Authors:David Pride, Petr Knoth · Download PDF.

作者:Z Li2017被引用次数:136Medical image analysis. Information retrieval. Large scale. Computer aided diagnosis. a b s t r a c t. Over the past decades, medical image analytics was ...
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作者:MA Bray2012被引用次数:92The use of automated microscopy and image analysis has increased screening speed, objectiv- ity, and statistical power by multiplexing the ...
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作者:HC Shin2017被引用次数:10Nonetheless, medical images are usually saved with the accompanying radiology reports, and accommodating the natural language information for image analysis has ...
作者:J Yang2020被引用次数:39Modern web services use in-memory caching extensively to increase throughput and reduce latency. There have been several workload analyses of production ...
作者:Y Shao被引用次数:1This book introduces a workload-aware methodology for large-scale graph ... Pages 1-13. PDF · Graph Computing Systems for Large-Scale Graph Analysis.
作者:W Feng被引用次数:18Nowadays, with the development of computer vision technologies, large scale surveillance video analysis for AI city draws more and more attention in the real ...

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