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Terrible, agonizing, wretched, sickening and unbearable--these are words frequently used by patients with neuromyelitis optica (NMO) to describe a very common symptom of their disease: pain. More than 80% of patients with NMO experience pain from this condition, which severely affects their quality of life.
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NMO pain
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Symptoms of NMO · eye pain · loss of vision · colours appearing faded or less vivid · weakness in the arms and legs · pain in the arms or legs – described as sharp, ...
These are possible symptoms of NMO: Pain in the eyes; Loss of vision; Weakness or numbness in the arms and legs; Paralysis of the arms and legs; Difficulty ...
by P Qian2012Cited by 88Longitudinally extensive transverse myelitis from neuromyelitis optica (NMO) may result in poor recovery, severe disability, and decreased survival.
Neuropathic (nerve) pain arising directly from damaged nerves in the spine, there are no particular triggers. This pain is described as burning, sharp, ...
People with NMO can develop optic neuritis, which causes eye pain and vision loss. They can also develop transverse myelitis (TM), which causes weakness or ...
by M Bradl2014Cited by 80Pain is highly prevalent in patients with NMO, with two types of pain being most characteristic: evoked pain most often caused by painful ...
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Dec 10, 2020Neuromyelitis optica can cause blindness in one or both eyes, weakness or paralysis in the legs or arms, painful spasms, loss of sensation, ...
by Y Kanamori2011Cited by 121Conclusion: Our study showed that pain in NMO is more frequent and severe than in MS and that pain has a grave impact on NMO patients' daily ...

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