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Nietzsche and Boscovich’s Natural Philosophy
intellectual development: Roger Joseph Boscovich plays a role of comparable importance to any of them, however, for his theory of natural philosophy.
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作者:C Husbands2019 — ... was explored by Boscovich in his Theory of Natural Philosophy (1758). Such an interpretation naturally aligns Nietzsche with Boscovich, ...
作者:M Tones2015被引用次数:3 — of “actuality” is examined in the context of Nietzsche's appropriation of both. Heraclitus and Boscovich to forge a natural philosophy of becoming.
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作者:R Small1986被引用次数:19 — Yet when we look into Boscovich's Theory of Natural Philosophy, we find that he describes a theory which is very similar to the one defended by Nietzsche,.
作者:JCS Neves2019被引用次数:3 — Among his references, there are several natural philosophers and/or scientists. ... Nietzsche's reading of Boscovich's concept of force was an essential ...
2015年10月30日 — R. G. Boscovich, A Theory of Natural Philosophy, trans. J. M. Child (Charleston, SC: Nabu Press, 2010), 52.
Roger Joseph Boscovich SJ was a physicist, astronomer, mathematician, philosopher, diplomat, ... In his most famous book A Theory of Natural Philosophy (1758) he says: ...
This translation of Theoria Philosophiae Naturalis makes accessible to the historian and philosopher of science the magnum opus of Roger Joseph Boscovich ...
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IN the time of Boscovich the line of demarcation between the philosopher and the physicist or mathematician was much less clearly marked than it is ...
作者:J Neves2016被引用次数:3 — Among his references, there are several natural philosophers ... Boscovich) was in developing Nietzsche's concept of will to power (Wille ...

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