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P Kehayias, DUST inc
iwasemi™(イワセミ)は、音響メタマテリアル技術にピクシーダストテクノロジーズ(以下、PxDT)独自の吸音設計技術を応用することによって開発された吸音材です。iwasemi™ ...
缺少字词: PKehayias,
作者:P Kehayias2020被引用次数:3 — Pauli Kehayias,1, ∗ Ezra Bussmann,1, 2 Tzu-Ming Lu,1, 2 and Andrew M. Mounce1, ... mond and sample layers are not flat, or if unwanted dust.
D. R. Glenn, R. R. Fu, P. Kehayias, D. Le Sage, E. A. Lima, B. P. Weiss, ... OpenCV: Computer Vision with the OpenCV Library (O'Reilly Media, Inc., 2008).
作者:P Kehayias2020被引用次数:3 — Pauli Kehayias,l' Ezra Bussmann,l' 2 Tzu-Ming Lu,l' 2 and Andrew M. Mounce1-2 ... subsidiary of Honeywell International Inc., for the U.S. ...
作者:RR Fu2020被引用次数:9 — Pauli Kehayias, ... Benjamin P. Weiss, ... flattened structures composed of low-density gas and dust called protoplanetary disks.
作者:RR Fu2021被引用次数:1 — the critical R for P = 0.05 is 5.28 (Figure 2; Watson, 1956). ... Further, the presence of fine-grain dust in CR chondrites that formed ≥3.7 My after CAIs ...
with visitors to the Kavli IPMU (H. Kim and P. Yi). ... the discussions between researchers in fundamental physics and engineers in the company.
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作者:JFJ Bryson2020被引用次数:7 — James F. J. Bryson1,2 , Benjamin P. Weiss2, Eduardo A. Lima2, ... 2019) and some of which contain nebula dust particles (Schrader et al.
Poster Session II: Presolar, Interplanetary, and Cometary Dust ... 9:30 a.m.. Buie M. W. * Porter S. B. Tamblyn P. Terrell D. Verbiscer A. J. et al.
作者:BP Weiss2021被引用次数:9 — Fu, P. Kehayias, B. P. Weiss, D. L. Schrader, X.-N. Bai, J. B. Simon, Weak magnetic fields in the outer solar nebular recorded in CR chondrites ...

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