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Part time job
兼职 (Part-time job)


兼职,也称部分工时是劳工的类型和就业形式之一,与全职概念相对,每周工作时间比全职工作少,一般是学生于工余或课余时间另找一份或多份工。一边读书一边兼职的学生在台湾称为工读生、打工族,在中国大陆称为勤工俭学,香港称为半工读或半工半读。 也有地方规定如果工人每周工作时间少于20小时,则可以认为工人是兼职的。 维基百科
Find work in Japan for English speakers. ... [Tokyo] Part-Time Kindergarten Teaching Assistant (Dance Teacher/P.E.). 兼职 ... Urgent: Part time job in Osaka.
Urgent: Part time job in Osaka. Part Time. Date: Sep 21, 2021; Company: Rainbow English School; Salary: ¥1,000 ~ ¥1,200 / Hour; Location: Izumi-shi, Osaka, ...

【Hello! Baitoru】recruitment information for part-time and casual jobs accepting foreigners and study-abroad students. Select from your preferred location ...


Part-time job ... 非常勤(ひじょうきん)、パートタイム(英:part-time)とは、勤務形態に関する用語で、労働契約における労働時間が、フルタイム勤務者よりも短い被用者 ...
YOLO JAPAN offers a variety of services and jobs in Japan for foreign residents working in Japan. We support 6 languages, English, Portuguese, ...
Remember that tipping in Japan is considered very rude. Typical Salary: ¥1000- ¥1200 an hour. Link to Job Boards. Japan Work. Links to Part-Time Jobs in ...
兼職網提供免費網上求職及Part-time 或Full-time 招聘服務,幫助求職人士尋找合適的工作,為僱主搜尋合適的人才。是各大中小企業首選的網上最佳招聘網站。
A lot of part-time job offers at 7-Eleven, for those persons looking for a ... The website is full of information on part-time job openings at 7-Eleven!
Part-time Work. Approximately 76% of privately financed international students in Japan are working part-time. They earn about JPY 59,000 (US$518) per month ...


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