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A method for payload-based channel estimation of a wireless channel begins by receiving a frame via the wireless communication channel.
由 AK Gizzini 著作2020被引用 14 次INDEX TERMS Channel estimation, deep learning, DNN, IEEE 802.11p standard, vehicular channels ... symbols corresponding to the data payload.
The channel estimation of IEEE 802.11p is preamble based, which becomes inaccurate in high ... payload. Finally, the data field contains a sequence of OFDM.
由 RPF Hoefel 著作被引用 9 次Based (MB) channel estimation schemes specially designed to ... transported, such as, payload length, modulation coding scheme.
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由 AK Gizzini 著作2020被引用 14 次DL Based Channel Estimation Schemes for IEEE 802.11p Standard ... provides information about the payload. Finally, the data field.
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由 N Dreyer 著作2021In this paper, a PHY layer simulator for IEEE 802.11p was used to model the true impact of channel estimation, modulation and coding on the ...
由 G Ministeri 著作被引用 1 次The IEEE 802.11p protocol physical layer is a frame-based OFDM ... Within the payload symbols, subcarriers are filled with a predefined sequence of pilot ...
由 N Al-Ghazu 著作2013被引用 13 次2.3 OFDM Subcarriers in 20 MHz channel in IEEE 802.11. ... Most of the WLANs in use today are based on the IEEE 802.11 standards, ... the data payload.
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由 L Fanari 著作2021At the PHY layer, the optimization of IEEE 802.11 OFDM symbols has led to ... These channels are both based on the Saleh-Valenzuela model.
由 T Zemen 著作2012被引用 100 次robust iterative channel estimator based on a two-dimensional ... Iterative channel estimation, i.e., alternate payload data esti-.

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