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Public Enemies Movie guns


The Colt "machine pistol" used in the film was a Colt Government Model originally chambered in .38 Super that was converted to 9mm to fire blanks. Note before ...


M16A1Pvt. Gator Lerner1986
Colt New ServiceAxel Blackmar1993
Beretta 92FAxel Blackmar1993
This Mauser sporting rifle by Emil Kerner & Sohn was used by Christian Bale in the opening scenes of Public Enemies as he gunned down Channing Tatum, playing ...
2009年6月30日 — Michael Mann's “Public Enemies” is a grave and beautiful work of art. ... Much of what makes the movie pleasurable is the vigor with which ...
The story focuses on Dillinger and FBI Agent Melvin. Purvis. The resulting film does well what books cannot, and, I think, will not disappoint those who have ...
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2010年3月22日 — Lars Dalseide, of the NRA, was kind enough to sent me photos of the two of the guns used in the movie ...
Public Enemies Movie guns(来源:www.thefirearmblog.com)
2009年6月30日 — For all its lush costumes and game cast members, the movie has nothing new to tell us about famed gangster John Dillinger.

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