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QuTiP quantum Langevin equation
2017年3月28日Time Evolution and Quantum System Dynamics¶ · Dynamics Simulation Results · The solver. · Lindblad Master Equation Solver · Unitary evolution ...
QuTiP - Quantum Toolbox in Python ... The quantum master equation for spontaneous emission ... Optical cavity: quantum Langevin equations.
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由 V Ameri 著作2018被引用 1 次enhancement of quantum synchronization by having the periodic modulation. ... the master equation and also Langevin equations, we derive.
... The Bell-state infidelity is calculated as 1 − F . Gate dynamics are simulated with the Lindblad master equation using QuTip [45] : .
由 L Verney 著作2019被引用 1 次When EJ = 0, the corresponding quantum Langevin equations read ... QuTiP code presented in this manuscript is licensed under a New BSD license while the.
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this thesis, or QuTiP [2.10], a Python implementation of the popular but discontinued. Matlab Quantum Optics Toolbox [2.11].
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2019年2月27日amplitude g(t), the quantum Langevin equation for the ... the master equation (7) are obtained using the QuTiP toolbox [23, 24]. Examples.
由 S Qvarfort 著作2020被引用 1 次we use the Python library QuTiP where open system dynamics is simulated with ... We do so by considering the Langevin equations [66], ...
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由 P Campagne-Ibarcq 著作2015被引用 14 次In quantum physics, a measurement corresponds to the interaction of ... Using the quantum Langevin equation, we show in this section how to ...
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由 MJ Kewming 著作1.2.5 Quantum Langevin Equations and Input-Output Theory . . . . . . . . . 30 ... using Qutip's stochastic master equation solver [54].

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