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S.Ansoldi, arXiv 0802.0330[gr-qc
作者:S Ansoldi2008被引用次数:100 — Cite as: arXiv:0802.0330 [gr-qc]. (or arXiv:0802.0330v1 [gr-qc] for this version). Submission history. From: Stefano Ansoldi [view email]
Stefano Ansoldi(. Kyoto U. and; ICRA, Pescara and; ICTP, ... 0802.0330 [gr-qc]. Report number: KUNS-2108 ... Abstract: (arXiv). We review, in a historical ...
2019年8月21日 — General relativity (GR) is in excellent agreement with astronomical ... Schwinger pair production mechanism Gibbons (1975); Ansoldi et al.
作者:L Balart2014被引用次数:104 — The Bardeen black hole is the first of a series of regular black hole solutions obtained [2]. ... [1] S. Ansoldi, arXiv:0802.0330 [gr-qc].
2021年9月13日 — It is widely believed that quantum gravitational effects would remove the curvature sin- ... [4] S. Ansoldi, [arXiv:0802.0330 [gr-qc]].
作者:RP Singh2021 — [11] S. Ansoldi, arXiv:0802.0330 [gr-qc]. [12] K.A. Bronnikov, Phys. Rev. D 63, 044005 (2001). [13] O.B. Zaslavskii, Phys. Rev.
作者:S ANSOLDI2012被引用次数:1 — S. ANSOLDI ... fascinating field: this is witnessed, for instance, ... 10-12 May 2007, Milan, Italy, [arXiv:0802.0330 [gr-qc]].
S Ansoldi. S. Ansoldi, arXiv:0802.0330 [gr-qc]. Jan 2001; PHYS REV D; 44005. K A Bronnikov. K.A. Bronnikov, Phys. Rev. D 63, 044005 (2001).
Ansoldi, “Spherical black holes with regular center: a review of existing models including a recent realization with Gaussian sources,” arXiv:0802.0330 [gr-qc].

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