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Maggie Sibley
Maggie Sibley, played by Tina Holmes, is George's daughter.
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Six feet under George's daughter
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Maggie Sibley is the only daughter of George Sibley. She becomes close friends with Nate Fisher after she moves to LA to care for her ailing father.
Significant Other/s: Nate Fisher (slept together)
First appearance: "Untitled"
Last appearance: "Everyone's Waiting"
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Information, interviews, photos and more for Maggie Sibley played by Tina Holmes on the HBO original program Six Feet Under.
Ruth is totally upset with George, who asks his daughter Maggie to take him to a new session of electroshock. He recalls when his mother, Loretta Smith Sibley, ...
George's infatuation with impending disaster is causing him nightmares. His daughter Maggie joins him and Ruth for dinner and she has a lot of stories about her ...

George SibleyBrenda becomes pregnant with Nate's second child which Nate does not want. Nate then meets George's daughter, Maggie, with whom he becomes ...
Nov 30, 2005Maggie was abandoned by George and that scarred her deeper than she'd like to admit. Maggie turned out ok though, got married and had a son.
Feb 16, 2018Peter Krause (Nate Fisher) · Michael C. Hall (David Fisher) · Lauren Ambrose (Claire Fisher) · Frances Conroy (Ruth Fisher) · Freddy Rodríguez as ...
In the Season Four finale, Ruth is delighted to meet George's daughter, but worries as his paranoid 'views' of the future escalate. 'Star' Claire gets high off ...

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