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Some aspects of the action of termites on soil composed of clays
作者:PR Hesse1955被引用次数:193 — Placing the sand grain in position the termite squirts the wet clay round it and kneads it with its head and mandibles. Contrary to the statements made by ...
Some evidence even exists that termites may be able to change clay mineralogy, thus changing its swelling and shrinking characteristics (Boyer 1982; Jouquet et ...
tegrated study thatassesses the influence of termite activity both on clay. minerals and on soil sesquioxides has yet to be performed. Some of the soil ...


作者:G Kaschuk2006被引用次数:59 — It is concluded that termites modify soil characteristics due to ... some modifications in soil texture or clay minerals by the action ...
作者:SS Lima2018被引用次数:7 — The species Cornitermes cumulans was found in all mounds. Soil with termite mound presented higher clay content, acidity, and Al3+ content. Phosphorus contents ...
作者:K Semhi被引用次数:42 — major and some trace elements in the termite mounds, except for Si and sometimes Fe, ... clay mineral composition of these soil materials.
作者:JA Holt2000被引用次数:343 — This chapter reviews the advances made in our knowledge of the effects of termites on the physical, chemical and biological properties of soils.
作者:TW Awadzi被引用次数:26 — or twigs on the forest floor have termite and ant activity at various stages. ... zons are formed upon gravel rich horizons, and in some cases soil.
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作者:BB Mujinya2013被引用次数:58 — Some of the soil properties that can be modified by Macrotermitinae termite activity have great influence on structural features, such as bulk.
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作者:JC Obi2019被引用次数:1 — They dominate the macro fauna of some tropical and subtropical soils and their activities as ecological engineers lead to the increase in clay content of the ...

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