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Stata structural break test
It's called a structural break when a time series abruptly changes at a point in time. This change could involve a change in mean or a change in the other ...
由 J Ditzen 著作2020被引用 1 次break in dependent panel data. xtbreak introduces tests for multiple structural breaks in time series based on Bai and Perron (1998).
xtbreak test implements multiple tests for structural breaks in time series and panel data models. The number and period of occurence of structral breaks can be ...
2018年7月9日Hey guys, I'm using stata 14 with windows 10 OS. I have monthly interest rate time series and I want to perform structural break tests.
2021年10月31日2Structural Breaks in Stata. key assumption here is that the coefficients do not change over time. This assumption. is unlikely to hold, ...
由 SK Majune 著作2018Each approach is discussed below alongside their respective Chow test which is an alternative approach. 3.1 The Common Approach (Tests of slope and intercept).
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estat sbcusum uses the cumulative sum of recursive residuals or the cumulative sum of OLS residuals to determine to test whether there is a structural break ...

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