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A swell, also sometimes referred to as ground swell, in the context of an ocean, sea or lake, is a series of mechanical waves that propagate along the interface between water and air under the predominating influence of gravity, and thus are often referred to as surface gravity waves. Wikipedia
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Swell dispersion and wave groupsMore generally, a swell consists of wind-generated waves that are not greatly affected by the local wind at that ...
Other articles where swell wave is discussed: wave: Wind waves and swell: Wind waves are the wind-generated gravity waves. ...
A swell is a series of mechanical or surface gravity waves generated by distant weather systems that propagate thousands of miles across oceans and seas.
Mar 4, 2022Swells appear in the ocean when the wind transfers its energy from the air into the water. Every swell starts as ...
Swell Wave Surface gravity waves on the ocean that are not growing or being sustained any longer by the wind. Generated by the wind some distance away and ...
Oct 19, 2021Waves are generated by the wind through complex mechanisms that are still under investigation. However, ...
Wave and swell are the two major sea state observations reported routinely by voluntary observing ships (VOS) at sea. Waves are raised by winds blowing ...
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Oct 31, 2017“Swell is best thought of as waves that have enough energy to travel well beyond the place of their origin. It ...
Swell waves are the regular, longer period waves generated by distant weather systems. They may travel over thousands of kilometres. There may be several sets ...

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