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Syrdarya Water Supply Project
Development Projects : Syrdarya Water Supply Project - P111760. ... Projects, products, and services. image. The World Bank Group works in every major area ...
2017年8月30日 — The Syrdarya Water Supply Project, supported by the World Bank, aims to improve the situation in the region and provide access to safe drinking ...

Loan 3457-UZB: Tashkent Province Water Supply Development Project. 2017-2023 120.9. World Bank Syrdarya Water Supply Project. 2011–2017.
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Samarkand province. 2015–2018. 29.67. SECO. Syrdarya Water Supply Project (Swiss contribution to the World Bank project of the same name above)b. 2013–2016.
2019年10月28日 — The resolution also set 16 national sustainable development goals for Uzbekistan that focused on ...
Syrdarya Water Supply Project(来源:borgenproject.org)
2015年3月26日 — A new phase of the Syrdarya Water Supply Project has been launched in the country, implemented due to a ...
Syrdarya Water Supply Project(来源:www.eda.admin.ch)
2019年10月23日 — For the water supply project to be started in Syrdarya, Uzbekistan, a total 7 km of DN300 mm diameter, PN16 ...
Syrdarya Water Supply Project(来源:www.superlit.com)
Syrdarya Water Supply Project. Officially, 62% of the rural population in Uzbekistan has access to safe drinking water and ...
Syrdarya Water Supply Project(来源:planung.fela.ch)

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