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The translator supports translation of input files created by LS-DYNA Version 971 Rev 5 or earlier. The input file can have any name and an optional ...
Abaqus/CAE displays an error message and does not move the instance if contact between the selected faces or edges is not possible along the translation vector.
*MAT_NULL, *ELASTIC. Shell elements that reference a null material are translated as surface elements. *MAT_OGDEN_RUBBER, *HYPERELASTIC, OGDEN.
2017/02/03 — Abaqus documentation. 3.2.12. Licensing utilities. 3.2.13. ASCII translation of results (.fil) files. 3.2.14. Joining results (.fil) files.
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... *MAT_OGDEN_RUBBER / LAW_077_O converted to /MAT/LAW42 (Ogden). Abaqus to OptiStruct. *connector section SLOT, ALIGN to OptiStruct JOINTG TRANSLAT ...
2020/04/21 — The hyperelastic material models available in Abaqus are Arruda-Boyce, Marlow, Ogden, Polynomial and Van der Waals. Special cases of the ...
Abaqus, the 3DS logo, and SIMULIA are commercial trademarks or registered trademarks ... You can define a nodal coordinate system; Abaqus will translate and ...
M Bondy 著2013被引用数: 1 — MAT_077_O (MAT_OGDEN_RUBBER) is similar to MAT_077_H but uses the Ogden form of the strain energy density function.
TB ALLEN 著被引用数: 5 — models in Abaqus EXPLICIT. It is likely that DMA could be used to obtain the ... MAT_OGDEN_RUBBER material model to produce Ogden shear modulus.
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Write All Groups as Sets option in the ABAQUS Model Options dialog box. ... Corrected issue which would cause the NASTRAN read translator to not recognize ...
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