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The Good Doctor 36 Hours
36 Hours



節目: 良醫墨非
Glassman is recovering from a surgery; Tensions rise in Dr. Melendez's OR; Shaun and Morgan need to get through a surprise 36 hour shift at the ER.
Runtime: 43 minutes
Cast (29) · Freddie Highmore · Nicholas Gonzalez · Antonia Thomas · Tamlyn Tomita · Fiona Gubelmann · Will Yun Lee · Christina Chang · Paige Spara.
2018年10月8日"36 Hours" is the third episode of Season 2 of The Good Doctor. It is the twenty-first episode overall, and aired on October 8, 2018.
2018年10月8日[Editor's Note: The following contains spoilers from “The Good Doctor” Season 2, Episode 3, “36 Hours.”] In its Oct. 8 episode, “The Good ...
「The Good Doctor 36 Hours」的影片
2018年10月12日Shaun's love for Glassman and vice versa is something that I think this show portrays very well. His concern for his friend and his well-being ...
2018年10月8日On The Good Doctor Season 2 Episode 3, Shaun continued to try and ice Lea out, while simultaneously working with Morgan. We have the full...
2018年10月8日The Good Doctor Season 2 Episode 3: 36 Hours Review ; Synopsis: A young married couple must choose between saving the wife's life or their future ...
2018年10月9日The Good Doctor Review: 36 Hours (Season 2 Episode 3) · Dr. Morgan just continues to become more and more obnoxious. Can we just get rid of her?
2018年10月8日This week on The Good Doctor, Shaun and Morgan get stuck with a 36-hour ER shift, while Claire, Park and Melendez treat a young woman whose ...
「The Good Doctor 36 Hours」的影片

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