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Unilever and circular economy
It is vital for us, and for the rest of the industry, to stay the course, cut the amount of plastic we use and rapidly transition to a circular economy.
Transitioning to a circular economy approach is at the heart of our strategy for a waste-free world. ... The resources we use to make and distribute our products ...
“Unilever has been a consistent circular economy frontrunner in the fast-moving consumer goods industry — showcased by its leadership on plastics.
Feb 22, 2021How is Unilever being consistent with the idea of a circular economy? Let us first start with what circular economy means.
May 10, 2021Unilever is committed to being part of the circular economy. Many products under its catalog use plastics, so it drives them to use recycled ...
Mar 16, 2021The company is working with major CPG companies through the Circular Economy Accelerators to promote a plan for brands to fund needed recycling ...
Aug 25, 2021Webinar: Towards a Circular Economy for Plastic With Ellen MacArthur Foundation, Unilever, SupplyShift and WWF.
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Summary of the pledge: Increase the use of recycled plastic content in our packaging to at least 25%. Halving the waste associated with the disposal of our ...
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